Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wikipedia Mobile

Hi all,

as you can see from Android market this month a new important app has come among us: it's Wikipedia Mobile by Wikimedia Team, the official app to easily bring the knowledge on your mobile devices! This app is more than a simple web view showing Wikipedia contents, is full of features, like the possibility to save pages, a dedicated history to track all pages you look at, full languages support and more.. but the cool thing I discovered is that it's free and relased under GPL 2! That's awesome!! Finally I can start giving my contribute to Wikipedia as developer! I'm so excited about that, I love Wikipedia and its finalities, it's not only the best classmate I ever had during my studies, it's an important resource for humans, an untouchable heritage. As expected guys working behind this project are awesome, very willing to help you and very good in programming, they wrote a good and easy guide to modify code! The app is developed using Phonegap so this makes it portable on other platforms like iOS and Windows Phone... Well, what else? I invite you to join the Wikimedia Team and become part of something of cool and important for everyone! Just fork the project and ask everything you need at #wikimedia-mobile on Freenode(IRC) or alternatively contribute opening bugs..!!

Waiting for you ^^



  1. Glad to have you hacking with us!

  2. Thanks ^^ you're awesome guys! Hope to be helpful! cya on coding ;)