Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SomaFM App

Hi everybody,

I'm back to write here to show my last work for SomaFM radio, the Android official application, derived from my previous project Somadroid.. has been an hard work, Android SDK is a bit more complex than I thought and media player needed a lot of workaround to get working.. bad surprises :( :( anyway now all goes well and we are waiting for tester's feedback ... here I'll show you some screenshot taken from the emulator and explain some feature of this app:

These four screen shots represent the easier part of this application ^^ the last shows we have also a landscape layout shown on phone's rotation..

Channels tab: in this tab you can see all the channels available on SomaFM and you can order them by genre, favourites and number of listeners.

Bookmarks tab: in this tab you can see all your favourites song played on SomaFM. You can send your entire bookmarks list by email or access to a menu ( with share I mean share through your apps, like Twitter, Facebook, G+, Messaging etc ) as shown right here:

News tab: just a tab showing the news, with a personal engine to catch links ( no success with standard tools :\ )

Support tab: just a list of links that redirect you on SomaFM store for supporting the radio..

Here we are in the painful part, the Playing tab ^^ This tab is shown every time a channel is clicked on the Channel tab and start play the channel ( we have also a notification icon, obviously :P )... here you can favourite a song, share it, search it around Google or Amazon store, favourite the channel, see its info and share it...

Finally I developed the widget to fetch and play stations directly from your home screen..

You can stay updated about this app here or on SomaFM twitter page. You can also ask SomaFM for a trial version by writing to dj(at)somafm(dot)com and report all bugs to me directly.. The app will be sell on the Android Market soon but I don't know anything at the moment about its cost..


  1. Hate to bring this up, but Android applications really ought to have the tabs on the top, not the bottom of the interface. This isn't iOS, and the tabs are awfully close to the hardware buttons.

  2. I didn't see your comment before.. I think I replied you on Twitter some time ago if am not wrong.. Don't worry for your opinion, is a good point, also is right.. I know to be out of Android specifications, but this were SomaFM's specifications, and I also like this graphic ^^

  3. Facebook share on channel I button not really working. It's just posting an empty message on my wall. Maybe it's facebook new version of android app?

  4. Hi João,

    seems to be a Facebook app problem, I just send something to post to the app you choose... after that, the control pass to the app.. notify it to Fb developers and thanks for using SomaFM ^^

  5. song history on the playing tab is oftentimes not updated. would appreciate if the song history is accurate so as to determine the current song being played (most especially if i like the song and i want it to add to my favorites list)