Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hi everybody,

today...ehm sorry :)...tonight I wanna talk about RobotC, an IDE principally used for developing Lego Mindstorms' robots. RobotC is only compatible with Windows systems (since Xp SP2) and it's not free, but it's easy to use and configure. I worked on a project with a Mindstorms' robot last summer, when RobotC latest release was 1.40 (now is 2.0.2) and I remember my astonishment upon discovering that RobotC, even though its name, didn't respect C standard. There was several features not supported e.g. use of pointers, explicit inizialization of arrays, limited dimensions of array ( 3 I think ), several problems with string types... Most of those problems was bugs, others specific choices. But I'm talking about last summer and now many issues are fixed..But nevertheless I recommend you RobotC, it's very simple programming using it and you can create valid applications. In my opinion, it's also perfect for introducing students to robotics. Exists a large community of RobotC fans and developers and if you have a problem or you don't know enough about RobotC language, you can ask to the RobotC forum...So what are you waiting for? Visit RobotC website and download the latest version!

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